“Thank you very much for sending this report, and thanks to your team for the hard work! Please feel free to use CDDEP as a reference in the future”, Andrea  Titus,  Communications  Manager ,  Center  for  Disease  Dynamics,  Economics  &  Policy ,  (CDDEP), Washington DC

“…With CI we had such a good partner. I am absolutely thrilled about the professionalism of you CI folks and in particular about the enthusiasm and freshness you bring into your job. I sincerely believe that some European agencies could learn from you. Thank you so much. ” Gisela Raeber, (D/CH) Press and Public Relations, Women’s International Networking, Geneva

“Communicators  India  (CI)  has  been  working  with  us  for  the  past  several  years.  Together we have raised several issues related to women’s rights in the media”- Dr. Ranjana Kumari, Director, Centre for Social Research

“Honorable Mention to Communicators India in the category- Best Use of PR for a Social Cause” Mr. Anurag Batra, Exchange4Media Group



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